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Catch Massive Tuna in Destin!

May 2, 2022

In April, anglers in Destin caught a tuna so big that it hung off of their boat. That's the type of fishing experience that awaits you in Destin: giant fish in stupendous supply! This summer, try your hand at catching tuna! 


The massive bluefin tuna caught in Destin weighed in at 832.2 pounds. It reportedly took the anglers 4.5 hours to reel in the monster fish. Once it is certified, this fish might shatter the state record! 

Want to take a crack at the record? The world record bluefish tuna weighed 1496 pounds, so it is possible for you to top 832 pounds! Destin has some of the best tuna fishing around, and there are plenty of charters available. Now that it is May, it is tuna season, so it is the perfect time to try it out! 


Tuna are fun to catch- they taste great and they put up a fair fight as you try to real them in. They're a favorite of many fishermen! Destin Florida Fishing Charters offers charters specific to the type of fish you'd like to catch. Fishing Booker also features a variety of charters on their website. 

Book your charter today and see what you can catch! Even if you don't crack the record, you'll still have a terrific time!