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Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge's Martini Gras

February 29, 2024

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Mardi Gras? Want to help animals? Come enjoy an evening out in support of the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge! Mark your calendars for a wildly fun night during Martini-Gras with Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge!


Photo from https://www.emeraldcoastwildliferefuge.org/martini-gras 

Get ready to shake things up (literally!) at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge's Martini-Gras, a Mardi Gras-themed extravaganza with a twist! At this unique event you'll get to partake in an evening of delicious bites, boozy brews, and friendly competition, all for a good cause. 

This event centers around two big competitions: a martini shake-off and a cajun food cook-off. Sample an array of masterful martinis shaken by local mixologists and exquisite Cajun dishes prepared by culinary stars. Vote for your favorites and crown the Best Martini and Best Cajun Dish of the night!


Wear your best, most vibrant Mardi Gras attire and compete for prizes! 

As a bonus, all of the proceeds from this event will support the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in their mission to care for the wildlife of Northwest Florida. 

Don't miss Martini-Gras on Saturday, February 3rd from 6-10pm. Purchase your tickets in advance at: https://www.emeraldcoastwildliferefuge.org/event-details/martini-gras-martini-shake-off-cajun-food-competition