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The Emerald Coast Boasts Some of the Best Main Streets in Florida

July 31, 2023

There are amazing things to do and see all across Florida. While you're here, you can check out a variety of parks, historical attractions, live performances, restaurants, shops, and other awesome activities. At the center of the action, you'll find Florida's many charming main streets. The Emerald Coast happens to boast some of the best main streets in the state! 


In May, WorldAtlas released their list of the eight best main streets along the Emerald Coast. The towns that made the list offer charming architecture, vibrant local culture, artisanal shops, cute cafes, and more. Next time you visit the Emerald Coast, you have to check out some of these hot spots! The top main streets are in... 


Destin is "a lovely coastal community famous for its sand beaches graced with translucent green waters one would expect to see in the Caribbean, all on the laid-back emerald coast of the southern state of Florida." The city is centered around HarborWalk Village, where you'll find fun attractions and delicious dining options. 

Mexico Beach

"Beloved for Mexico Beach's 'Old Florida Feel' and laid-back vibe, Mexico Beach is said to be an excellent option by many for a relaxing and fun family vacation." Their main street is full of incredible cafes, art galleries, and shops. 

Cedar Key 

Cedar Key is a "tiny yet mesmerizing community" with a "colorful and historic downtown." You'll find idyllic outdoors spaces, marvelous museums, and excellent restaurants on their main street. 

Fort Walton 

"With a picturesque downtown graced with cute and colorful stucco buildings, home to classic small businesses, and not far from the relaxing beach and exciting attractions, Fort Walton has much to offer as an excellent tourism town." Fort Walton's main street is a great place to grab a bite of yummy food or sightsee. 

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St. George Island 

"Palm trees, lighthouses, white sand, paddleboarding, and tranquillity are all impeccable features that tourists are destined to discover on the cherished St. George Island." On their main street, you can have a charming brunch, plan an adventure, or view some historical attractions. 


Seaside's main street is so picturesque that it has been featured in movies! Seaside is "a picture-perfect, bright, and calming town" with "sun shining upon vibrant flowers along emerald-toned clear waters embraced by white sand." You'll find a variety of restaurants, bars, record stores, and boutiques here.

Panama City Beach 

Panama City Beach is "a beautiful resort town" with some of the world's most beautiful beaches and a vibrant party scene. Their main street hosts pubs, bars, diners, restaurants, boutiques, theaters, and more. 

Santa Rosa Beach 

Santa Rosa Beach is a "quaint beach community" with an excellent downtown full of hidden gems. On their main street, you'll find low-key bars, live music venues, and fantastic food. 

You can read more here: https://www.worldatlas.com/cities/8-towns-in-florida-s-emerald-coast-that-have-the-best-main-streets.html 

Which Emerald Coast city has your favorite main street? Tell us in the comments!