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Veterans Day Weekend 2023

November 9, 2023

On November 11th, we pause to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by these extraordinary individuals, who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom and upholding our nation's values. In Destin, you'll find a variety of programs, services, and activities that give you the chance to honor our veterans! 


There are countless ways to honor veterans, both on Veterans Day and throughout the year. We can express our gratitude by simply saying "thank you" for their service. We can learn about their experiences and sacrifices by listening to their stories. We can support organizations that provide essential services to veterans, such as job training, healthcare, and counseling.

There are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day in Destin! You can... 

Visit the Air Force Armament Museum: The Air Force Armament Museum is the only museum in the world that is dedicated entirely to the legacy of the United States Air Force. They work to collect, preserve, and exhibit artifacts and memorabilia associated with Air Force Armament and its platforms of delivery.


Participate in the Destin Vets Day 5K: The Destin Vets Day 5K is an annual race that helps enrich the lives of local veterans. The event raises funds to support local veterans! 

Watch a Parade: There are several parades taking place in honor of Veterans Day. Check out the Crestview Veterans Day Parade or the Mary Esther Veterans Day Parade.

Celebrate with HarborWalk Village: HarborWalk Village's Veterans Day event will honor those that have served our country and local charities that serve our community. It will include a ceremony plus live music and a Veteran Owned Vendor Market!

How are you honoring those who served our country this Veterans Day? Share your ideas in the comments!